Pick up
the world is so rotten
Get up
the world is so rotten
Pick up
Ive seen it so often…

And no one would have guessed this girl on the country road

would have ever had a story worst than yours to be told

And you suckas act like your ancestors were sold

by my ancestors who were more poor than

cracked out hoe

than a cracked out hoe

So start runnin’ your mouth at the wrong face

keep starin’ me down like I’m at a better place

when now struggles are more common

the carts are full of ramen…

as your keep prolonging

the honest truth….

that you would rather abuse than use

your skills to to help reduce

the violence

inside your community, crippling your youth….

And no one ever guesses the country girl would even know

what it is like to reach the lowest of low

but what gives you the right to act like you know

what I am, just from where I came from yo

preaching I don’t know how to dance

stereotyping me like I’m good at math

Like I never get pulled over by the cops

or had a friend steal my watch

well I have the tickets to put you on blast

so why don’t you stop making me wear this fallacy of a mask

why don’t you try to figure out we all are just trying to last

in this game where…

the world is so rotten
So get up….
since the world is so fn rotten.

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