Soooo I wrote ATDI a letter years ago and….

FHD0034 I just wrote something random about it via twitter to Cedric of ATDI and got a response! I thought to myself, hmmm….its probably a fake profile. Nope. He remembered my fourteen page letter.

I did not realize perhaps social media has expanded to a point of people being reachable on a personable basis. I am laughing at myself in a way right now, because I was able with just words to once again connect to a musician, whom had a huge influence on me. I know I will never meet this person but I don’t have to. I know who they are through the music and the fact they exist as a real person enough to respond to me, solidifies it.

Not only did I get a response but I got several rock on signs. Very enthusiastic. I just want to be clear as well, I wrote that letter when I was a kid on a troubled path, telling them their music kept me inside away from the bad things around me. I literally locked myself in my room, playing games to their music. And without it, my aggression had no where to go. I sat there, digging into their lyrics. Realizing how many parts of the english language was encompassed into it. They used every rhyme scheme possible, visuals, content, politics, social issues…. everything I cared about I found in their lyrics. I connected to this band like no other band I ever listened to. I still remember almost every word of every song because I care about the music and message.

There is something about turning your headphones up all the way that makes you hear more of an artist, too. I think At the Drive-In was underappreciated at their time. I think this made their path difficult, but in the end they came together. They are once again creating music this month and plan on releasing a new album. I am ecstatic. And if you never heard of them by now, I suggest you look into them. And I hope you all are having a wonderful day out there. Thanks for reading.


Laura Elisa

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