The Times are Tough

Dismay runs down my cheeks as I watch everyone trying to complete this race called life. There are so many struggles, so much debt, so much pain, and so much to talk about and mend. I try to say everything is okay, move on to the next day, ignore what the media is trying to say. Ignore what they do not say, but we are living in a society where problems exist over problems. Journalism is dead. Journalism has mixed with capitalism making a beast. Making minds sick and thoughts deluded. And even if a person knows this they still most likely choose to ignore the good source, just because it is too terrifyingly honest.

And that my friend is why I say journalism is dead. It is dead in our mainstream media. A frenzy fight of who can keep up with the game of biased statistical information, skewed resources, and skewed research. It isn’t really dead, though. It still lives on in the minds of the few who dare to go against the norm. And as long as they still speak, there is room for more voices to be heard. People are slowly coming to their senses, slowly questioning the known, and no longer afraid of the unknown.

Hold on, for the ride will be hectic. It will not be a fairy tale ending. No one can just step in the mainstream media with a fight and actually continue the fight, they will be replaced. No one person can stand and be heard, but many voices can. And with a crowd, there is going to be confrontation of some sort. We are seeing this everyday now. People want to say the election is causing an uproar but the long struggle of the middle class and poor, has something to do with it. The cost of education, the lack of jobs, the act of relocation for a new life, the health care system, the mental health epidemic, rent inflation, and real estate crashes. It is all interconnected.

The mind is not separate from the body as we are told. It is interconnected as we;;. Outside stress causes physical stress. Physical stress causes mental stress. It is a cycle which does not just end without a resolution. There must be a crafted response to all stress in the environment in which we live. And in order to mend it, there needs to be empathy.

Empathy above all things creates the passion to fix issues in society. Without it, there is no motivation and no room for improvement. We must shun away the idea that empathy is weakness. We must know when to use a our tough exteriors and when to use the internal empathy we all really have. It is a balancing act, but it creates improvement in attitudes. Which in turn, can inspire others.



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