A Lost Generation

A lost generation

full of misplaced rage

thinking their on the right side

but often disengaged

stuck in a maze

with no ending in sight

trying to cut through the walls

throughout the night

And their cries can be heard

from all those on the outside

that represent the forgotten

who desired a change in tide…

the ones time forgot

with the opinions they hide

humble is their word

unlike misplaced pride…

they speak in truth

and sometimes their words

are not so smooth…

but are reality infused…

I wish I could help you put your fears aside

but mine ate at me until I had to swallow my pride

And I know what battle you must find

it’s inside of your own mind….

A lost generation

A proclamation to the entity they should detest

thinking their own the ride side

but they stand with the ideas they say they cannot digest

and the irony is so obvious to the rational mind

their delusions create fear and unrest…

And their cries can be heard

from all those on the outside

echoing the emotions they once knew

when they felt pushed aside…

but in that isolation grew strength

That could break a thousand lies…

in that grew struggle

which could not be swept aside…

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