Came Out Intact

I came out of the storm intact

with tact

I attacked

everyone who stood

against me

in my path

Don’t tell me

you know better

than I do

My flow doesn’t even show

half the places my words can go to

you’ll know never

the depth I explore

You go skin deep and get sore

and yet you act like I am just nothing more

because I dress with class

you’re use to trash

and my words say more..

than your intellect could ever take

you should stare at me and see fate

you see..

Looks are deceiving

sometimes they have no reason

no logic

and it’s somethin’ you just believe in

and I laugh at you

because you chose to treat me like I’m seven

because I’m four feet eleven

baby I’m as tall as  heaven

as far as intellect …..

I’m 77

and I don’t bother pretending

in fantasies

slippin’ ecstasy

you fools do not impress me

go on to the epitome

of the big L

I’d rather learn what Intel

I can absorb

because fool

I have one life on this planet

and you ain’t goin’ to examine it

when you can’t even look into the mirror

to see the next day…

fool, it’s on…

I’m strong…

you won’t last long…

the forces are with me

like a disciple of God

and I am counting

the years before I am free

the years until all my pain

bares twice as much love to me

cuz’ nothing will ever stop me

nothing will freeze me

nothing will make me hate the cold…

nothing will make me shatter this bold..

interpretation of the world that I hold.





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