You Write How You Talk

Someone I looked up to said this to me and I didn’t even know how to respond.  I still did not know whether to take this as a compliment or not?

I began goggling and realized it was most likely an insult, but some viewed it as a strength. In this day and age of political correctness when we speak, I can’t help but wonder if my writing style conflicts with what was previously taught? For years I have been trying to weed out useless words from sentences. I have tried to be more direct with my thoughts, re-reading things out loud until it sounds like I am almost giving a speech at times. I find it more challenging to have a lot to say with as little words as possible, than to try to sound super intellectual.

Is that wrong? Is it wrong not to use extensive vocabulary all the time for the sake of sounding intelligent? Are some words just “not to use” as well? Since when is it okay for another person to sort of dictate the thoughts of another? It isn’t. And that is why it caused me so much stress.

Every person in this world thinks and speaks differently, but do they write with their own voice? Do they truly feel comfortable writing? I don’t think so and that is an issue. Those who desire to sort of dictate another person’s writing style is like desiring to dictate their internal voice. It doesn’t make sense to attempt to do this.

Writing style is also relevant, depending on what you are writing. If you are writing a paper on a psychological study then it should be in APA, be professional, academic, and polished. We all kind of know that. But when it comes to say, writing an article about the latest fashion trend, you could write however you like with a bit more freedom. Between these extreme examples, lies preference.

Depending on your occupation and  your employer’s preference they could prefer a more intellectual voice or a more direct voice. If you communicate in a style they do not prefer, it could create miscommunication and misunderstandings. Unfortunately, I believe our political correct infused society has sort of infiltrated the workforce. Their style dictates what is considered “standard” but oftentimes comes off too wordy with little to say. If you have good insights and vocabulary, it is an ultimate threat. If you have good insights and a direct style, it is considered a threat. Why? Because those who truly cannot have good insights have nothing to offer. Those who cannot communicate details, are not effective communicators as well. Therefore, they cannot teach others.

They are essentially empty words of wisdom. This idea of being politically correct all the time is counterproductive, creates misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations, conflicts, stress, and can hurt someone’s confidence. You should be able to read an article on fashion then a psychology paper, so why try to dictate writing styles in the workplace? If you took a group of people from diverse backgrounds, why would you expect them all to write alike? There would be noticeable differences between some, and maybe others would be alike. But would you say the four who were different should be like the others who were similar? Hopefully not if you are an understanding, supportive, effective communicator yourself, who can realize not everyone thinks and writes the same way. Nor should be expected to. No one processes information the same, one person may see a detail the other may not, that they feel is relevant. Every person should be respected for their individuality, not condemned for it. True intellectual capacity does not support political correctness but rather encourages individuality and acceptance.

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