Shia’s Artistic Chaos

Shia Lebeouf is at it again. He was known for wearing a paper bag over his head saying “I’m not famous anymore.” He once sat at a table, crying, while strangers uncomfortably witnessed. He has a innate desire to put his emotions on display it seems. But this time it has led with his arrest.

Shia installed an art display, which is a livestream camera with “he will not divide us” written above it. He stood there with protesters, and suddenly a man about 5’9″ (smaller than him) comes up sort of dancing and mocking the protesters. Shia immediately starts screaming “he will not divide us” in this young mans ear, so close he could probably feel his spit on his skin. Disgusting. Shia continues to antagonize this person, getting in their space, and chest bumping him.

This is NOT protesting. A person cannot make another person feel endangered by pushing, shoving, and/or verbal attacks. This is assault. No person, no matter what side of the fence is above the law. No person has the right to protest with violence then claim their peaceful.

What is also disturbing about Shia’s encounter is the art exhibit itself. There are two young women specifically, probably college students, and they keep repeating with no emotion “he will not divide us.” It is almost as if their words truly mean nothing just based on the tone of voice being used. Their posture shows a sort of beat down, victim-like, insecure demeanor and quite frankly breaks my heart. These two women were influenced by someone, whether it be Shia, college, family, or a combination to be a certain way. They have been told to be basically a humanitarian without understanding the economic side of the coin. They have been given half a book basically and the other half has been displayed to them as “evil” or “useless.” They believed it. Why? Questioning authority figures (teachers, police, judges) has never been considered a great thing to do.

If you question any authority figure, you are usually met with defensiveness. If you question an educator, then they will judge you, read your papers with a bias perhaps, and make your life difficult.  This is an issue within the educator themselves. To go into a classroom with a bias, is to teach with a bias, and only listen to your own side. How does this offer any alternative insights? It doesn’t. And leaves some graduating to a world they do not understand. I have some sympathy for those who fail to understand the economic state this country is in and how desperate those already graduated desire employment. They have not faced the harsh reality of the job market. Or they are aware, but chose to focus on issues they think are important, while avoiding issues that need more attention.

The misunderstanding of why so many people supported Donald Trump, is truly a clash between those who desire to live through action and those who desire to live through words. It is a clash between ideological knowledge and practical knowledge. It is a clash between the emotional and the logical beings. It is a clash between the rural and the urban beings. It is clash between the poor debted college student and the institution which taught them nothing. It is a clash between the poor and the rich. There is nothing one dimensional about this misunderstanding. There are many factors, all of which are valid reasons, and no person should be grouped into one media fueled reason. To do so, is to be hypocritical, biased, judgmental, and unaware of the world around you.


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