How Feminism is Getting a Bad Name

When I first saw Madonna as a child, I knew I shouldn’t be watching what I was watching. I knew this woman had some kind of magic about her yet there was something more then my little mind could comprehend. The lights, her hair, a cake, then suddenly the station changed. Why? Because she began rolling around, almost about to say “like a virgin.”

I settled for playing pool to “Holiday” and danced around with my fellow childhood friends and sisters. I will never forget that moment. The song was innocent, positive, and didn’t contain that much sexuality. Back then, Madonna was at a PG status. Then it seems, over time, not just Madonna but mainstream female artists began losing more clothing. But the change wasn’t just with physical appearance but also within their minds. And the negative impact on their mental health, is what they call a feminism inspired movement today.

But it is of no grounding. No merit. When I first encountered feminism, it’s definition was straightforward. Those who believe women are equal to men. How could one manage to complicate this definition? By perhaps, expecting men to not hit a woman back. By perhaps, saying do not objectify women then parading around with hardly any clothing on. By trying to say statistical information is accurate when it doesn’t even take into account the difference in amounts of hours worked by men, compared to women. Justifying vulgarity, hate speech towards men, by saying it is because they are all part of some hierarchy is not being a feminist. And really, Madonna? Blow up the white house?! You should be fined at least.

Verbally attacking men is not feminism. It’s called showing abusive behavior and possibly a mental illness. And if you hit a man, it is called assault. Let’s break it down even simpler. When a person verbal attacks someone it is abuse. When a person hits another person, it is assault. That is how a real human rights activist and feminist would think. Let alone act out any of these actions that I see people claiming are representative of feminist ideals.

I am appalled people like Madonna in Hollywood, Madonna herself, and those who follow these kind of people identify themselves as feminists. Even if there is some truth that there is this patriarchal hierarchy, putting men down is not the answer. Becoming abusive, objectifying yourself, not researching enough, and using vulgar language is not representative of any movement. It is a mental illness. Either induced by the media, yourself, both, Hollywood, or whatever your mind clutches onto to justify the distasteful actions of this so called feminist movement. Or perhaps, you are just tired of getting by, not making enough money after paying for college? Then it is an educational and economical issue at hand. There are always contributing factors involved in situations that need a little digging into. If one jumps to the first conclusion, example being men are paid more without taking into account amount of OT or hours worked, then the study is biased. Avoiding bias is difficult so when someone begins advocating for something, they should research both sides especially. Or this happens, in my opinion where a false movement erupts. A movement that focuses upon the surface of issues without actually getting into the core issues at hand.

The issue could just be unemployment and/or underemployment, regardless of gender. It could be high tuition costs, regardless of gender. When a movement puts an emphasis upon gender, when really it seems the issues are widespread unemployment/underemployment, then it creates division within division of people of the working class. When the issue is really tuition costs, but it is focused upon gender, then it creates a division within the students. Then what we see is chaos without a purpose. We see what we see now. Signs advocating for communism, socialism, pro abortion, higher wages for women, African American rights, and whatever else is now out there. There is no concrete direction, no solid leader of the movement, who can realize a lot of issues going on should bring people together, not tear them apart. A movement, if it is based on a pure foundation will promote hope and unite people.

A lot of those advocating for some kind of human rights are displaying a lack of tolerance for the first amendment. A lack of tolerance for the right to bear arms.A lack of tolerance to protect our boarders. A lack of tolerance towards men. And lastly, towards their own fellow struggling Americans, who just want prosperity, and to feel safe. Respect your fellow Americans and have a civilized conversation. And respect the Constitution, do not go against it. There is a reason why it withstands the test of time.

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