The Easily Offended…

I think some people are easily offended. They walk around in this world, thinking everyone should be exactly like them in every situation and speak the same way. As if their neurons are firing in their brain the same way, their life experiences are intertwined, and perceptions are mirrored images of one another. Quite hilariously silly to think that way. And hey, if that sounds like you. I have some realistically kind news….

No one cares to be like you. They really just want to be themselves and feel supported in doing so. So if you can’t be accepting, then at least show some respect for a person’s differences. Don’t demean them, make them uncomfortable, act unfavorable towards them, and stop caring about their feelings. That, by definition is being inhumane.

Too often, I see people comparing themselves to someone else, or someone comparing someone to someone else, or someone trying to change someone into someone else. Enough of this. Enough of this narcissistic superiority complex and more acceptance and maturity please. Especially in the workplace. Ask yourself if you were ever rude to someone at work for being eccentric, different than you, out of jealousy, and/or to gain yourself favor with the boss.  If you answered yes, try to be a better person. It really does hurt your coworkers feelings most likely, and makes them less productive. It also doesn’t promote teamwork, but rather a narcissistic environment, surrounding whomever is currently in favor. Workplaces shouldn’t feel like kindergarten, where your afraid someone will make fun of you for how you look or talk differently. Judge those based upon character.

And at colleges, especially those who push the liberal arts. Whether you are a teacher or a student. Ask yourself if you truly can show love to the opposition?  If you can’t, your ideals are nothing but a fallacy. Enough of this acting as if we live in a truly liberal ideology, yet I see a lot of those claiming to be compassionate beings, being extremely judgmental of others. The irony is painful to digest. Do you lack empathy as someone who is suppose to be passionate about social, ethical, humanitarian, philosophical, psychological, and physiological issues? Because that my friend, is where the liberal arts ideology really comes from. It should come from  desiring a well rounded perception of the world in order to create a perhaps unorthodox path in life, that hopefully leads to success. Some of the most successful people in the world have come from a liberal arts background. It honestly depends on the person and their individual experiences. It is a risky path, but I would argue it is even riskier now than ever. Why? Because it is no longer producing well rounded individuals. There is something that must be revised in the curriculum. But that conversation seems yet to even be had or acknowledged, sadly.

One thing is for sure, I am tired of sitting silently for most of my life when I wanted to speak up. Speak up about how I felt. Whether it was emotionally in a moment with someone I found intimidating, or whether it was in a class about something controversial. I wish I could take all the fear and make it disappear, but in a way it has given me an alternate voice. Paper has always been the place where I feel at home. And I won’t change my voice, my thoughts, my personality for anyone.

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