Driving the Same Old Roads

I keep driving the same old roads…

And I am so tired…

I just want to lie down in a bed of flowers…

and be loved….

or left alone….

I keep driving it into my mind

Keep thinking they’re right,

I’m just unkind…..

Then I realize, I am just tired

of everyone walking away from the conversation

creating their own damnation…

trying to figure out the answer to the equation

that keeps leading them to the same self persuasion

justifying how they feel…

Defining what is real…

Then crawling on the same wheel

but unable to slip their feet

into someone else’s shoes


One footstep

with just a bit of imagination..

So I have little comprehension

for ego tuned minds…

because humbleness my friend,

is one of a kind…

patience is worth more than anything combined

and love has no price….

So be careful who you put in a vice…

It could end up as your own sacrifice….

A tragedy for no reason at all.
















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