Negativism is basically being a skeptic, offering no positive suggestions. I see this everywhere. People giving up on people. People giving up on environmental issues, political, social, and economic. They sit around complaining, unable to actually change anything, sort of stuck in a helpless bubble they created.

But does society create this sort of negativism, with all it’s constructs which sometimes can make change a slow and painful process? Or is it the attitudes of people that are shaping the process? I think it is both. And it isn’t just in the workplace, but in some of our personal lives as well.

It is so easy to be a skeptic all the time. Easy to fall into not believing, rather than believing sometimes. Some of us are born with an innate urge to question everything put in front of us. But when does this become an issue, rather than something beneficial? It is a fine line to walk upon.

Solutions are what make up the differences between people who want to change things for the better, and those who continue to run on the hamster wheel. Those who continue to do the same things, without any productivity are either oblivious, not the proper fit for a management position, and/or simply do not care to create a better world. Too often than not, I see people fall into this trap of thinking running the wheel will create opportunities and learning experiences. Then they become discouraged when it does not. The truth is, hard work isn’t the only thing anymore that is needed to sustain a successful personal and professional work life. It’s being able to offer solutions, being productive at work and benefiting from a personal relationship in some way, that creates happiness.

If someone feels as if their job doesn’t really help people like it is intended, doesn’t challenge them, doesn’t provide adequate training, and conflicts with their goals in life, then obviously negativism occurs. The environment becomes focused upon issues but solutions are not discussed, encouraged, nor communication seems to be encouraged. The most valuable thing in life is feedback. Feedback from those in your personal life and professional. But also feedback, depending upon who it is from can be judgmental and not warranted at times. It can happen over misunderstandings and ¬†miscommunication as well thus creating a cycle of stress and less productivity. It is important people remember what is feels like to be misunderstood, whether it be in personal or professional spaces. It is important to question your own perspectives on others in general, to make sure situations are not unnecessarily stressful.

Solutions and compromises can be made, people’s lives don’t need to be full of issues with no resolutions. Drastic measures, code red flags, and dramatic resolutions don’t always have to happen. Sometimes people just need to take the time to think before reacting. This may not be an ideal world, but we can make it as ideal as we can together.

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