That Poppy Theory

That poppy emerged as one of the strangest personas on youtube. She introduced herself as that poppy, repeating her name for at at least ten minutes. I personally could not get through the entire video, because it seems to intentionally make you feel as if you are wasting your time. As a viewer, you have the feeling nothing will happen. She will continue to say her name in a different tone of voice, but it is sort of entertaining.

It is a fun mystery to figure out, and a read between the lines message is in almost every single video created. In the beginning videos, it seems Poppy is very lively, questioning nothing and going along with what seems to be a path to bliss. But as the videos progress, she seems to mature a bit more, pointing out issues within society, and desiring more of a challenge than this ‘look pretty’ persona. This desire to be more than a fabricated persona projected to society as ideal (but it isn’t) is compromising the transparent happiness she once had in the beginning.  Poppy has been compromising her own potential, happiness, and goals for the sake of ‘them.’ They/them she references to are the constructs around her. I imagine Poppy as a giant figure with great potential, and those currently around her are trying to shape her into what they desire. They are building around her, encasing her talent, putting up perimeters and boundaries not to cross.

Charlotte is the antagonist. In the beginning, Poppy was able to handle her questions with sarcasm, appearing always positive and likable. But as Poppy begins to ask Charlotte questions,and begins to start bringing an element of realism, Charlotte objects. She also starts telling Poppy “you have changed” and acting as if Poppy deserves to be criticized for thinking for herself. By doing so, Charlotte is attempting to control Poppy’s emotions, make her question herself, instead of being supportive of her artistic vision. Charlotte to me is the hypercritical boss, a draining corporate music label, and/or a friend who doesn’t have your best interests in mind. She is the person, place, or thing in your life that does not seem to offer anything but criticism and restriction and was not worth the price.

Considering that poppy is signed to a major record label, has a couple songs released with a decent amount of views as well, paints this picture a bit clearer. It appears she desires more control over her own artistic vision but currently is trapped in a shackling-like situation waiting for a contract to be fulfilled perhaps. That Poppy is her new found outlet in the meantime I believe. It is a way for her to voice her frustrations with the constructs around her without suffering the consequences of speaking out in a frustrated fashion. Too often we have seen those in the spotlight have severe mental breakdowns because of the stress placed upon them to live up to someone or some labels idea of what we should be. Poppy openly criticizes this, when she holds up a T-shirt in one of her videos then says “Now, what did you want me to say?” She clearly is mocking the way she cannot even think for herself anymore. She cannot simply improvise in the moment as an artist. She must stick to a script, a narrative, and a vision she doesn’t see eye to eye with.

It is obvious Poppy is not the only person involved on this channel. Titanic Sinclair is also behind this masterpiece and perhaps more so than we think. His influence, direction, vision, tone of voice, his own videos of himself, his banner on twitter, and his social media is all about that Poppy. Sinclair is a musician himself, was part of the band Mars Argo, and seemed to have a relationship with a female in the band going by the name Argo. Personal details are difficult to find. Mars Argo was left with only three videos on youtube and I suspect this was a result of the relationship fizzling out. What is odd is the Mars Argo channel use to have a lot of uploads. Sometimes when emotions are high, people tend to react by erasing things which remind them of the past. Perhaps Sinclair thought he had met his match, but she was not genuine in the end. His website has a video mocking those from trust funds who seem naive about how the world operates for someone without having money to begin with. Perhaps Sinclair’s relationship fizzled because Argo might have been too sheltered to see the world the same way he did. They could be completely out of touch for years now and Sinclair is just influenced by his past. He is maybe frustrated by the music industry and this is his way of getting back at them. He could be  helping That Poppy, a trapped artist, have an outlet.

There also could be another explanation. The last video on Titanic Sinclair’s site has the same delivery, tone of voice,  and dryness as that Poppy, but at the end we get a real sense of who he is. He smiles and breaks character, showing he hides behind a sort of exaggerated sarcasm widely perceived as ‘creepy’. He is essentially playing both sides of the fence I think.Think about it, there is money from the label coming in, and there is also money from youtube.  Poppy could be controlled by the strings of Argo and Sinclair on youtube behind the scenes, but also controlled by the record label as well when music is released by Vevo. Argo could be the voice, Poppy could be the image really. I would be hesitant to say Poppy is Mars Argo but that could also be a  possibility as well. Who knows, she could still be around? Argo has disappeared off social media for some time and the timeline of this is quite interesting with that of that Poppy. Make up and special effects artists can also make someone look like someone else. Why do this? Pretty obvious to me. It seems in the past Sinclair and Argo had issues with copyrighted music causing videos to be flagged down, which led to them creating their own music. This led to the music scene and labels for the Mars Argo band, which obviously did not result in the bliss they thought it was going to be. They did this to perhaps gain back some artistic freedom.

Regardless of speculating what is really going on, Poppy’s recent videos on youtube are the most telling into her character. She drops money onto the floor as if it is nothing to her, and with each drop a deep bass is edited in. She is essentially saying money is not worth the cost of your happiness. He last video “God is Real” seems to only reference god at the last second. She is extremely encouraging to the audience to be independent minded and reach for their dreams. She implies there are truly no forces stopping a persons from achieving their dreams, and “she thinks you should love yourself.” At the last second, she says “god is real.” I find this intriguing and very telling. It is as if she contradicts everything she said. God is believed to play a significant role in the lives of those who practice any faith, and essentially people believe just believing is good enough. But in reality, not striving to be themselves and/or follow a path away from the seven deadly sins, is not the path to happiness. I think that Poppy has reached a kind of transcendence by being true to herself in the end and “loving herself” again. She has overcome feeling restricted artistically, being questioned by the wrong kind of people and has created something artistic out of this emotion. That Poppy proves art is nothing more than expression of current emotions in whatever form that may be. And she has won the artistic battle, clearly, with her own vision and with the right person involved.


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