Never Understood

It was as if she knew at that moment, she would never be understood. That everything in the universe perfectly aligned to make her appear in a certain light and there was nothing in her power to change it. Whether it was the will of a higher force or just circumstances behind it was irrelevant. She could ponder all day what could have, should have happened but nothing would change.
No light in the sky could bring back the light she lost. He was like a beacon, guiding everyone around him. She admired his courage, independence, and love.
There would never be anything like him again. No eyes will compare to eyes like his, because his were like the sun to her moon. And now she has wandered into the darkness with her invisible wounds. So hollow has her stomach felt since he left. So hollow do her eyes look and each wrinkle that lines the outside of them every year, reminding her of each year that passes by without him. He will never know how much her heart will not grow for anyone else. For she feels forgotten, yet so close.

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