In My Dreams….

God spoke to me the other night
in my dreams
or maybe it wasn’t god
but the water came rushing in
and everything I knew was gone within…
this wave of uncertainty…
It was the epitome of my life…
swallowing everything around me…
and then it happened
I had wings
I flew so far away
away from all of this
And you all wept
laughed your last laughs
without me….
because you made me feel like I was the epitome…
of sorrow, to keep me close to thee…
But forgive me if I fell for it
chose to trail off a bit
on my own…
And why do people push each other so far
when all they hide is their silly scars?
God, all I want is to hide outside these bars…
that feel all around me…
Just love me or leave me, baby…
I am tired of the same rituals
Same old fake we’ll get hitched you know….
It’s crap..
I don’t need a paper to keep me intact…
I just need love and someone to act…
as if they care about someone other than themselves.

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