Invisible Cloak Date

She had never done something like this before. She just met him online through her blog, but she was instantly smitten. If her parents knew the horrific hotel she would be staying in and it’s history, they would have never let her go. So of course, she kept this hidden and convinced herself of the typical cliche “you only live once.” Deep down, she knew something could go wrong, but the thought gave her some kinda of adrenaline boost, having never done anything quite like this before.

He was tall, dark, and handsome. The kind of guy girls would chase after. (Especially if they knew what he did for a living.) She felt special knowing so much about him in such a short amount of time. He trusted her instantly, as she did him. Her heart could not bare anymore of the dating scene, and she wanted a man of his caliber.

He first told her he was a secret agent of some kind after a week. Persuaded her to never tell anyone for his own safety.   And of course, she had no friends, was sensitive, and naive. No one was around her much and she was kinda eccentric. She had a blog, liked strange music, and didn’t leave the house much at all. She was already isolated and loathing for a new life and family. He felt this from thousands of miles away.

She mentioned Harry Potter, and he mentioned having a invisible cloak. He bragged about how it made him feel invincible, superhuman, and able to scare people. This all seemed harmless to her at the time, intriguing, none the less. She imagined playing invisible tag with him, as he said he actually had two of them. There was no way she could pass up a date with a special agent.

With her bags packed, she hopped the plane, headed to California. The air was dense when she arrived, smog everywhere, but the palm trees were worth it. She couldn’t wait to check into the hotel, meet her future husband, and start sharing their unforgettable moments together. The hotel was less than inviting though. It was outdated, forgettable, and had the smell of must in the air. The hallways felt like they were closing in on you. Her money did not go far obviously. To her this was quite the expensive trip. Out there, her coin was a drop in the bucket.

She put on her eyeliner thick, straightened her hair, and made sure he would be impressed. It made up for the drably hotel room. He arrived within a few hours, with a bottle of champagne and flowers. He looked exactly like she imagined and was worth the risk. They popped the cork, began talking about life, and falling further into fascination with one another. He is convinced, this could be it. This could be the woman he waited for his whole life, in this drably hotel room ironically. They kissed for hours like teenagers in an alternate reality, when they were younger.

At some point, they began to talk about stars, how beautiful they were at night. He curled up the blanket and convinced her to go lie on the roof with him. It was the best idea anyone ever had for a first date, how could she deny him?

It was beautiful. His eyes, her eyes. His lips, her lips. All of it would not last forever. They both would never look the same as they did in that exact moment so they both treasured every second as if it was their last.

He said, “You know, I always felt invisible until now with you.”

She said, “I’ll be invisible with you forever.”

He wrapped the cloak around her, and she wrapped the cloak around him. They made love under the twilight, invisible to the world together.

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