Article Reaction

I read a professor was bombarded by students’ demanding he leave campus because of his race. They misconstrued his words and it went downhill pretty fast. Cars were stopped looking for him. He is White. Simple. That’s racism. You can call it what you like, but I will call it for what it is by definition. I walked around with a dictionary, when no one else cared about language. And I am personally exhausted from trying to explain common sense through definitions.

His letter was not full of hatred. It was not grounds for him to be addressed as if he is not a human being. This behavior showcased today is unacceptable and encompasses the same racism people are supposedly against. What are values if you are full of hypocrisy? I am not trying to be controversial but just be logic based in a modern society that seems to have fallen short of analytical thinking. I just want to evoke real values into people that actually mean something and perhaps make a difference in writing this. People need to treat people as they want to be treated. Simple. Stand for what you actually believe in and if you find you have stepped out of line, apologize. Be a real, honest, human being.

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