My Brief Thoughts on Kathy Griffin

Kathy can pose with a bloody head of whomever she wishes but she must suffer the consequences of those actions. She is a public figure, has influence, and somehow believes this plays no role in why she is receiving backlash. It does. If I did the same thing, it probably wouldn’t matter as much.

Kathy must have agreed to the photo shoot and had prior knowledge of what it encompassed. Public figures have had some not so great career choices in general, facing the same kind of backlash. TMZ reports on Hollywood drama twenty four seven hours a day it seems. We have to admit the American audience seems to enjoy drama, downfalls, and emotional meltdowns. Did Kathy ever stop to think she is perhaps just a puppet? A lifeform of cells they invested into and now just desire to control? Perhaps, now she realizes how important it really is to think about what ideology she represents, if it means holding up a bloody head while trying to promote some kind of peace?

She is nothing more than falsely representing an ideology where most are actually supposed to be invested in a pacifist-like demeanor. She has been exposed now as a fraud. Don’t go blaming the ideology itself, for it is nothing truly but a word. People give context and meaning to words as time goes on. They can say they represent something as well, but we as people have the right to be skeptics.  Skeptics of news, people, and pretty much anything we like. As a society, we have lost our desire and/or ability to question what is put before us. We eat anything that says it is good for us and we listen to those we admire with the same kind of attitude.

Liberals are suppose to be about improving society as a whole, and focusing upon many different aspects in society to create the best utopia possible. They are suppose to be open minded and adaptable to many situations. Kathy and many celebrities in Hollywood, claiming to represent these kind of values, are nothing more than empty shells waiting to be used as puppets in a repetitive narrative. They do not represent these values and to me, represent a sort of fabricated image they have to uphold because of invisible influencers the audience never sees.

Sorry Kathy, but a person cannot really play victim when the money was already exchanged for values. As far as Kathy’s case, no money can buy back the respect of the people she lost. Opinions are valuable, everyone is entitled to them, and delivery does matter. Tone matters. Imagery matters. Words matter. Expressions matter. Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where digital convenience spreads information, so being a public figure has more influence than some realize. It is not just some youtube video posted by an unknown person with a limited amount of views. This was seen by a large audience. Political affiliations aside, what kind of values does a person represent holding up a bloody head? Seems kind of extreme. I hope people out there are able to put aside labels and judge those based on character and actions. Sometimes it is better to walk in the middle of the road if there is an intellectual traffic jam going on both sides. Sometimes it is better to think before you react. Right Kathy?

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