Sometimes I think most people in the world have gone sort of mad. But then, when I have almost lose all hope in humanity, someone returns that hope. Someone provides a rainbow after a rain. Whether it be a dancer, musician, painter, social worker, kind customer service representative, politician, lawyer, CEO, youtuber, public speaker or even the simplest kind of person working a nine to five to stay alive; you all are inspirational in some way.

Every person out there is in some way, dealing with something, and trying to overcome that something. I try to keep this in mind. Too often I see judgments thrown around based upon appearances, not realizing perhaps someone isn’t how they appear at first glace. It is impossible to know everything about someone either. Some of us have overcome immense obstacles in life, most would not believe based upon what we look like or how we present ourselves. To not give a person an honest chance to converse with you, is to not only do a disservice to yourself, but also to that person. It never helps, it always hurts. It never leads to conversation, always leads to abrupt endings.

I am grateful to have encountered so many positive people throughout my life and honestly in recent times. Even if the majority of the world may not care much for me at times, I know there are others who will be there through it all. There is nothing more important than knowing that. I know I should not listen too much to those who seem bent on disliking others without a solid reason or at least an attempt as a resolution. And I hope this message resonates with the kids who are bullied all the time, or the adult struggling to fit in at a job. Remember, it is important to make time for those who desire your presence. And if you find yourself alone quite often, just know there is someone out there who probably feels the same way. To exist, is nothing more than space and time, and that time should revolve around making a positive impact upon other people. And I do not mean always being positive, avoiding the dark issues at bay, that may need to be addressed; but rather trying to embrace everything that sort of comes your way, in the healthiest way possible. There is no need to tear people down, but there is a need to inspire them.

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