I Hope You Do

Like childlike creatures

We look at one another’s features

Then drop the top back,

All ready to attack..

The world around us

Like some kind of superheros

We roam the lands,

Always trying to make plans

That leave us both in command

But I made you up in my dreams

My imagination it seems

Keeps moving ever so wildly

And I don’t resist the urge to wander and see

Everything this world wants me to be

But without you

living is boring compared to my sleep

I wish I could keep

you in a box

So everyone could walk around you

in awe,

eyes locked

Cuz you look like a statue

I’ve seen on display before

And couldn’t fight the urge to adore….

Now it feels my heart is on the floor

Over a character that may not exist anymore…

But I hope you do..

I hope you do…





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