Miss Magic Part VI

Olivia wakes up. Her eyes are still swollen from the just one too many glasses of wine over the normal single glass of wine she has usually. Realizing the cards were still scattered about from the night before, she began to investigate. She still was missing the Ace and had an extra eight. To her surprise, nothing had changed and she was now sober. The only thing left to do was call Jackie. Even though Jackie may not be the most reliable source for trying to figure out realty, Olivia has faith she might confirm or deny her “madness.”
Jackie rushes over, she is thrilled by this sort of detective work. She also is genuinely concerned Olivia might have pushed herself too hard trying to keep up with her studies. After getting lost a few times, Jackie finally finds her apartment. She knocks super loud.

“It’s me Jackie!”

“Uh, coming!” Olivia exclaimed.

“Did you accidently take too much Nyquil or something?”

“No, I was drunkish off two glasses of wine. That’s it. You have to see     this and tell me if I am crazy. I can’t hide what seems to be happening to my mind any longer. I used to think I didn’t want to know but now I do. I have to face reality Jackie. This is no joke to me, anymore.” Olvia explained.

Jackie starts to realize how serious Olivia is and he demeanor changes rather quickly.

“Okay, show me.” Jackie asks.

Olivia shows her to the living room, covered in fifty two cards. Inside, Jackie this she has completely lost her mind. She should try to recommend a psychiatrist. Not even a psychologist could treat Olivia, she thinks sadly. But honestly she is half intrigued by the inner-workings of  her mind.

Olivia starts to explain what has happened to one of the aces, as Jackie’s eyes widen in half disbelief and now partially afraid of Olivia’s mind. So deep in thought about where she is going to refer her friend to a psychiatrist, she fails to see the reality. Then it hits her. Olivia is correct. There is an Ace missing and an extra eight.

“Holy crap Olivia! You’re right! What the heck is going on in here? Are you doing some kind of witchcraft?! If so, I gotta get out of here. I don’t want any bad karma sticking to me as well.”

“I told you Jackie! I was either crazy or some kind of superhuman. So wait….are you telling me I am some kind of magician? I’m not crazy?!” Olivia asks.

“It looks to me exactly how you are saying it appears for you. So now do we ask someone else? Are we both crazy? Most likely not, right? Should I call over another friend? I don’t even have any friends. And my family uhh…nevermind.” Jackie frantically rambles.

“Okay, so should I just try to do it again?!”

“I would! I guess! I mean I am honestly kind of scared right now, Olivia. I have never seen anything quite like this before! Just try I suppose. You’re my only friend here, so oh well if you turn out to be some kind of magical witch.”

“I’d like to think of it as being like a superhuman myself. It is definitely easier to swallow that way.” Olivia says with a thoughtful gaze.

“I suppose. Just hurry up. I am quite weirded out by all this.” Jackie says anxiously.

Olivia says the same words she had said the night before and grabs the next Ace.

“Okay, are you ready Jackie?!”


She turns it over. It has changed. Jackie gasps, somewhat is horror but also in astonishment.

“What the heck, Olivia?!  Are you some kind of higher being? An alien? What the heck are you, for real? Be honest, where did you learn this? Someone had to of taught you this!?”

“No. Okay…So I honestly messed with this kit as a child Jackie. I remember things changing around sort of, but always thought it was just my imagination. Later on, I blamed it on sleep deprivation. Now, apparently I am some kind of superhuman or we are both crazy?!” Olivia says.

“Should we call another person over?!” Jackie asks.

“I don’t really have any other friends, Jackie.”

“Oh, wait! I have an idea. But it is kind of mischievous. Let’s go to the casino.” She chuckles.

“Oh, c’mon Jackie. Haha. This is serious. We both could be crazy!” Olivia says.

“Well there is only one way to find out. I’m driving.” Jackie says with a half fearful, half excited voice.




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