13 Reasons Why I Dislike 13 Reasons Why

1) It promotes suicide as an option to teach people a lesson about bullying in my opinion.

2) It promotes secretive revenge rather than communication.

3) It was geared towards a young audience that cannot decipher a positive message from the book/show.

4) It was read in schools, which I find inappropriate.

5) I had to read it for a college level psychology class, just to realize obviously it can have a very negative impact on the youth. I wish I could have read half of it, then actually read something worthwhile. Haha

6) The message is left up to the reader to determine and isn’t as positive as Jay Asher thought, once he read his critics commentary. He wrote a second one to make it more positive.

7) There have been suicides after this book was read/show watched.

8) It promotes a victim status as an okay way to carry yourself.

9) It rarely focused on Hannah’s strengths; rather focused on her weaknesses.

10) It offers no realistic solution to handling bullying.

11) Other books rarely get attention but this one has gotten more than it deserves in my opinion.

12) They used celebrities in the show which adds even more of an incentive for younger audiences to watch.

13) It puts guilt just upon the bullies only, when realistically Hannah also had some mental health issues if she planned something like this.

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