Fair Use and Feeling Silenced

What is fair use anymore? If youtube is under fire and most people do not read anymore, what medium is even the best right now? Do most people even read words anymore or has watching videos become the new reading in a way? It seems that way. Haha, I feel left out sometimes in this world. Everything has turned digital, even the books themselves. I feel odd owning any hardcover books still and people ask me why I don’t have a kindle already. Please stop asking, I think to myself as I stare at the books on the shelf. I admit they are annoying in the way that they take up space.

Should I just revert back to writing, then recording myself reading the words to an audience? Is that safe? I wouldn’t be using anyone’s video for commentary so I would think so. Haha okay fine. I can speakth into my recorder like Christopher Walken does in the movie Seven Psychopaths. I can do that. I’d love to actually. And I just found the reverb effect on this microphone so it is quite fun. Haha. I’m sorry if this is overly sarcastic it is just that one thought that keeps crossing my mind is: what medium is even safe in this kind of toxic social media atmosphere going on right now?

Nowadays, it seems as if you use a excerpt of video in your video for commentary under fair use, you risk being flagged for copyright claims. I have noticed this sort of toxic behavior on the rise: flagging videos just because of a personal issue with someone and also editing videos out of context to fit a narrative so it seems justified in attacking them. People who do any of this kind of behavior I have a question for you: do you even care about your own free speech? Do you realize when you attack someone else’s right to form their own  free thoughts and express those thoughts, you are attacking your own as well? Do you also realize if you misrepresent something out of context, you could be opening youself up to more bad energy comign your way and potential lawsuits?

I just want to point out as well if someone is using something of yours under fair use, and you try to silence them while preaching you advocate for free speech; you are nothing but a hypocrite. And I don’t care what anyone says, it is not that difficult to not be a hypocrite. Yes, we all mess up and are sometimes walking contradictions but ultimately we have choices as human beings to act upon some things and to not act upon them. Too often I see anger taking ahold of rational thought lately and it seems no platform, no video is honestly safe. Especially if it is controversial or proves manipulative people to be manipulative people because obviously those kind of people do not want to be caught in their own lies. That’s the beauty of free speech, my friend as well, it brings about the truth. We all know the internet can be unkind.

Just know, if you are out in the social media sphere manipulating people, false flagging, turning people in for things that do not even happen, and creating narratives that do not exist, you are asking for negative energy to come your way. And no person in their right mind who has been innocently hit in your crossfire would sit there and not defend themselves. Even if someone rubs your the wrong way, they have the right to respond to you. Whether it be the person who doesn’t have many fans versus the person who has a lot of fans, it should not matter. Free speech should not be only applied to certain people on certain platforms. And I cannot even say it is about money entirely who is granted leeway. I’ve seen large broadcasters, those making a site money removed because of a ideological conflict with moderators and/or CEOS. No one should feel as if their voice is silenced before they even speak. If people are really as open-minded as they perceive themselves to be they would appreciate diversity of thought, individuality and realize free speech shouldn’t mean silencing the opposition. And once the opposition is silenced; everyone is silenced. Keep that in mind. 🙂


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