Miss Magic VII

Jackie is practically running to the car. It appears to Olivia she has no conscience about what they are about to do. Olivia deep down feels a sense of guilt overtaking her. Should we go to the casino? Is this morally wrong? Yes. She thinks.

“Jackie, I don’t think we should go.”

“Why?!” Jackie surprisingly asks.

“I think it is just a bad thing to do. I mean it is practically cheating for money. I mean we could be screwing over other innocent persay normal players.” Olivia explains.

“Can’t we just try to stick to tables where no one is there but people we suspect deserve it possibly? Or just play Baccarat?”

“That’s true. But Jackie what if I end up with a lot of money? I mean a lot. What if they think I am somehow cheating? I mean I can’t just run in there and start winning.” Olivia points out nervously.

“Well. I suggest you lose a bit on purpose then. But not where you leave in the hole obviously, haha.” Jackie suggests.

“True. Are we ready for this?”

“I’ve been ready, Olivia. This is the coolest thing to ever happen honestly in my life.” Jackie says as she chuckles.

They head inside a casino they rarely ever went to in the past, looking sort of out of place already.

“Psssst. Where are we going first?” Olivia nervously whispers.

“Just follow my lead. I have been to a casino before Olivia, haha. Play it cool.” Jackie suggests. “Nothing is going to happen to us anyways. We are just here to spend money.”

“Right. Just like everyone else.”

“Let’s go to the restroom first.” Jackie says.

Olivia follows like a puppet. She already feels totally out of place and internally guilty as usual. When they get inside the restroom and the coast is clear, Jackie starts showing some signs of nervousness.

“Okay, maybe we should have had a plan. Listen… maybe we should go to the same table. Play some poker. I won’t bet too much myself.” Jackie says.

“I’d be potentially screwing you over Jackie. How does that even make sense? I’ll just have to give you back some of losses or all of it, depending on how all this works out.” Olivia suggests.

“Well I can’t really object to that. I’m not made of money yet Olivia, haha. My parents are quite the planners and I am lucky I suppose to have some spending money.”

“Actually, you are. I’m lucky to afford bills right now and get by honestly. If this helps at all, any help will be nice. But I do feel guilty. Wait. How do we even know I can do this without saying anything out loud Jackie? What if something only happens when I do some kind of chant everyone hears?” Olivia admits.

“I guess we’ll lose all our money then, haha.” Jackie says with a careless grin.

“I have a couple cards leftover in my purse from the other night’s drunken debacle. Let’s see what happens if I say the stupid rhyme inside my head. I don’t want to lose too much money Jackie, haha.”

“True. Hurry up before someone comes in and has us locked up in a psych ward.”

She placed one of the cards on the counter, had Jackie look at what it was before she touched it. Looked at the card, and thought if I truly have a kind of card telepathy, change this card into a three. She turned it over. And now Jackie’s eyes widened with fear and excitement, reminiscent of Olivia’s expression when she first changed a card.

“It changed! It changed! Oh my good I have to shut up before someone hears me.” Jackie exclaims.

“Exactly, shhhhh. I don’t want someone to find out and then I am sent to some kind of underground laboratory Jackie! One where I get stuck with needles all day and Dr. Frankenstein thinks killing me will result in a cure for one of human races ailments!” Olivia mouth chuckles but somehow she also gives a serious look in her eyes. Jackie admires this secretly.

“Listen, I agree. We can’t talk about this here. I am honestly surprised no one has come in by now. Let’s just focus upon using your so called skills to acquire some funds. This is just a sort of experiment. What if we are both still crazy, haha? Totally possible still. But for now, we have to get out of here before someone walks in already.” Jackie chuckles.

“Exactly. I honestly just want to get this over with, I am nervous.” Olivia admits”

“Cheer up, it is kinda fun as well. I hope you know your cards though or this could get interesting, haha.”

They approach the first table, not thinking. Trying to look casual. Jackie seems to be trying to lose right off the bat but she warned Olivia she has bad luck at casinos and with poker especially. After a few minutes, they both seem to be losing even with Olivia’s telepathic card powers, haha.

“Let’s try another table love.” Jackie suggests.
“Yeah, it seems this one doesn’t like us too much.” Olivia says trying to break any nervousness she might be showing.

They move onto the next table. Jackie is still losing but she can tell Olivia is changing the narrative for herself. After a couple times of winning, she tries to win a third time and by now there is a small audience. Her chip pile had grown quite large in a short amount of time which is making Jackie deep down, very uneasy. She thought Olivia would be the one with more restraint than she.

Olivia can tell Jackie is getting nervous with all the attention surrounding the table, but she wants to win just one more time. At first she felt guilty, but now admittingly she is thinking about what she will do with the money. The excitement is getting to her. The greed is fueling her. But it becomes too obvious something is going on. Especially, when Olivia somehow manages to manipulate the cards in order to end up with a Royal flush. The dealer alerts something is wrong. It is unbelievable to him because it shouldn’t have even happened. He hits the button, as Olivia reaches for her chips. Two shadows emerge from behind her, casting their impeding doom upon her bliss.

“I think they have cards hidden up their sleeves. The deck isn’t adding up right. I know it.” the dealer says.

“I don’t have any cards on me. You can go right ahead and check.” Olivia said. But she had forgotten the two cards she had in the bathroom were still in her purse.





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