Goofy Spoken Word

Hey guys..

I think I have ADHD

Could you all please be nice to me?

Or maybe it’s that I’m sick of your energy

Always buzzing around me?

Why don’t you just sting me

Get it over rather quickly

I’d rather move on to some honey

Than keep on trying to make this coffee..


It’s like a never-ending obstacle course

I can’t complete..

So please save my feet

I already went on a trip straight to the concrete..

I was a dork in the playground, only bullies saw me

Still have the scars to prove it, but apparently you can’t see..

Think I’ll hold onto my previous diagnosis, let it be…

Tired of your spiritual dilemmas,

makin my anxiety so high

I could switch to tea..

Some of you think you’re the only one with problems

Some think they’re perfect as can be

I think most are oblivious but eventually it’s time to see

The reflection in front of you..

Or become empty.






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