Thoughts On H3H3, PewDiePie, Bad Words…

I think Ethan (from H3H3) should have thought about the fact that he was drunk and he said these things before he had perhaps opened his mouth and said anything about PewDiePie. Simple.

I personally do not use that word and if I did as a influential broadcaster, I would apologize. Truthfully, there are many other insulting words in the dictionary to say other than that word. Since we do not walk around as white people calling each other crackers, I think people need to start using the word less. And by people I mean everyone as a whole. If the word is so offensive as a whole in society, why is it used in the entertainment industry so often? I have been tired of hearing it for  years already! Why do we as people give it power? Then some act as if they aren’t giving it casual use like influence, like hypocritical Ethan (from H3H3) or some of those in the music industry. Try to keep to your values to stay true to yourself, and earn the trust if others!  To use the word less and less would essentially threaten it’s existence too! There are bad words in the past that are rarely used today! Why? Because they phased out! As silly as it sounds I have tried over a period of time in general, to attempt to rid of certain words I used in the past. It was a New Year’s resolution that never quite completely solidified but every year improves. I made a mental list of words I think make me look bad, and promised to let guilt sink in for using them. I did that for myself not for anyone else. Not because I was offended by other people but because I realized how many words there are out there. It’s actually quite inspiring in itself! I have always had a fond relationship of the English language. So if I can say meanie pants instead of swearing I think that’s a better option. I have found as well the less I use those words the less likely I am to slip up in public and say them. Ultimately for me that avoids stressful social situations. A blessing in disguise.

It appears to me since the demonetization of a lot of YouTubers happened, true colors are being exposed. People who actually stand for what they say they stand for will be successful. Competition is going to get fierce and people will turn on one another for the sake of thinking that that will help them move up. But in reality we need more individual thinkers now than ever. Less sheep kind of people trying to dive into areas that they should not be diving into. Less people trying to act like they are three dimensional people when they are really one-dimensional. Ethan for example is good at comedy, but obviously rationally there is something wrong about his character. If he had stuck to his talents in discussions about things that he is good at, this perhaps wouldn’t have happened. I personally am not only disappointed in PewDiePie but also other broadcasters who have used this word. I understand we are all human and make mistakes, but there needs to be less finger-pointing and more self-reflection from what I can see. Blaming PewDiePie entirely for the collapse of YouTube is blatantly showing the problem; too much focus on other people not on ourselves. Which is exactly what they would want to make us lose power. Think about it.

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