Echo Chamber

Smiled like it was yesterday

Admidst a cold breeze everyday

They think I’m frowning but that’s the game I play

It’ll make you think, if I stay patient at bay

It’s the hardest thing to do, let the lost go astray

Hope they find the map, because words I cannot  say

Even the slightest things..

Echo chamber resonating,

Trying to do all this delegating

Without addressing all the hating

Your so called peaceful ideology keeps complicating

Our civilized culture from the beginning…

keep seeing all the devastation it’s leaving

in the minds of all who didn’t perceive it

No, it’s not a peaceful proclamation

Wants to frown at the fundamentals you say you believe in

But you stand, blinded with the opposition..

Can’t think for a second you have betrayed your own mind..

Perpetually led others to be blind

But in time..this will trickle down your spine

And into your heart..

all your thoughts will fall apart..

Hopefully when it happens, you’ll take the red pill, be smart.







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