Trying to Get Back

I need to put you in your place

feel bad cuz it’ll feel like a lion attack on your face..

Cuz your facial expressions seem to be a waste

But it is what it is out here in the outback

I’ll just try not to focus on what you lack…

While you feel the need to misdirect  your attack

And have all the winds held against me

Just admit I metaphorically took you back

back to childhood dreams & fantasies

While you seemed to be running on empty

I had torn you from the black

From the hearts of enemies

Away from the shook

And now I’ll take you to the countryside

Where We’ll ride,

full of acknowledged misplaced pride

Dive into waterfalls

Runaway & hide

Build a foundation as bright as the sun..

know for you,

I’d look away at everyone

Their existence will be of no resistance

the stars will cascade down for fun

I’ll fall into your arms like I’ve been the only one

still unable to erase what’s been done…

To your heart..

know we’re all just torn apart versions of ourselves..

Just trying to get back to where we started from

Where we started from.

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