We’ve see it for years now. The over sexualization and exploitation of those who look like they are not legal, some who aren’t and some who are even in power being taken advantage. No one is safe it seems. Now it’s being addressed in Hollywood, by those who have power to do so. Having gone rampant so badly it seems in that area, now victims are speaking out together.

Some might say, “they took settlement money!” And some did at the time which I do think drastically limits the exposure of the case to the public obviously. It does essentially put issues in a box, locked up, in sight but under the radar until something brings attention to it, or it is forgotten. I’m sure those cases were truthfully less searched for on the internet. Until now.  To really try to fix these issues, exposure is necessary so this is good. But why does it take decades for something to be done about injustices that as a nation, we claim to find sickening? Why does it seem so difficult for victims  to speak out, unless they are grouped together? Cory Feldman and Azealia Banks both spoke out about  being abused  in the Hollywood scene, but we’re essentially gaslighted. Implied to be the issue themselves for being victims. It’s sad but now there are eyes opening.

Another issue I think that needs to be addressed overall with sexuality is; why is legal so differently defined accross statelines? It seems the age of consent is anywhere from 16-18? Should we create a federal law and be done with different state laws? Can we define was is a mature enough age to even start exhibiting sexuality? Let alone being able to consent to an older person perhaps as a nation? I think if we could people would be able to keep a commonality of what is socially acceptable? Perhaps there is too much tape in between where the tape  now needs to be clearly placed.

I think some uncomfortable conversations need to be had about sexuality in general? What are acceptable ways we feel as a whole nation to express this? I am not by any means saying we should take away the right to expression. I am saying we need to reflect and think of what kind of expression of sexuality we value. There are non nude photos out there, that can ooze more sexuality in a way than nudes.  If a person wants to walk around with little clothing on though, that is their choice. I respect their right to choose. I just won’t buy their album, merch, or support them the best I can. I will find the woman who wears high heels and looks like an innocent doll. People with real talent are out there struggling and are more deserving of the spotlight. Those who fight with clothes on don’t want to be a bad influence, a portal for a sick agenda.

As consumers, we have more power than people realize and opposing influences can be a cultural game changer. This only proves it. I’m just saying, all these figures in Hollyweird especially have been conditioned to accept a certain style. And ultimately because of Hollywood’s influence, the liberal agenda especially flocked to this, the impressionable youth, and those who can just be easily misled. Especially the youth who spends more time on social media than any other generation. These influences are unavoidable, but people have the choice to accept them or not. To support or not. You might think you don’t mean much as one person, but if more people start thinking they have power; a sense of real unity begins & just keeps picking up momentum.

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