I Just Want

My eyes can no longer dry from yesterday

Can’t seem to look anyone in the eye today

Heart is heavy like it’s full of aspertane

Heart swollen like doesn’t want to play..

All these games anymore..

Everyone can walk away think they’ve won

I’ll sit alone like I’ve always done

Add your mask to the collection I’ll have forever ingrained in my mind..


I just want to stare at the sun

Until it is no fun

I don’t want to listen to anyone

I just want to shut all your mouths

Because most can’t love without starting with doubt


My soul feels stuck in a casket, left to lay

All day in filth & waste away

You all enclosed it all in, watched me from the outside all day

Turned on lights from a far and had me checking bulbs, okay?

Now my eyes are so swollen, I can’t even see

Tears won’t stop falling,

Emotionally put me on a balcony

And if I look over the edge you call me crazy…

So I just stare now at the sun

It’s the only thing bringing light in this narrative

where you leave me to end up..

Broken and undone?

Blaming myself for everyone.





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