The Cracks

Fear driven heart

Falling apart

Like a car engine that can’t start

With the key left out of the ignition

He comes in dreams it seems

The Wyatt Earp of fantasies

wants redemption

And might give in…

Put my hopes on a fantasy novel I don’t know if I should begin…

But possibly never should have ended..

My heart is stretched thin

Feet literally bruised to the skin

breathe the pain within

The cracks left inside the marrow

tell myself it’s all in my head..

All in my head

So I don’t bother anyone while they sleep in bed

Seeing my tears fall without a sound,

Trying to hold my breath & not make a sound

I don’t know how I ended up so down

But I see a rainbow ahead, so I hold onto the frown

While everyone else lives peacefully

I feel like I am living like a hound.





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