Las Vegas Thoughts

Instead of focusing upon who did what right now & why, I would like to let the families know of all the victims and those injured: they are in my thoughts. I’m sure eventually the truth will come out as to what this person was studying, interested in, where they worked and who they affiliated with in time. But for now we must keep in mind over 50 plus lives were just lost in Las Vegas. That means a lot of families are suffering right now. Not to mention those there currently injured still fighting for their lives potentially. Whose lives have been forever changed by one bullet. I have watched us all become sort of desensitized in a way to all of this hatred in this world. Not just this country. If people truly believe and maintaining humanistic qualities in any way you must come back this kind of nature. What happened is unacceptable beyond what anybody could have imagined. I hope it is a very very long time before somebody else tries to do something to this extent. I am honestly afraid in a way to jump to conclusions. I think time is of the essence and we must respect this. Someone with the truth will eventually come forward. For now, things seem quite speculated and almost intentionally difficult to sift through.

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