Miss Magic X

“What should we do to help Stephen?” Jackie asks.

“Well you know more about him than I do. So what’s his main obstacle in life right now?”

“Like everyone’s it seems: money. He couldn’t buy his children Christmas presents last year, but works more than anyone else there.” Jackie said shocked.

“Well how do you know where his money goes? Not to sound awful but I really don’t know much about him.”

“He lost his wife to a car accident. He hasn’t been the same since. She was helpful to everyone, Olivia; the kind of soul you would question why would be taken from this world too soon. It was a drunk driver too. And she never had a drink in her life. I can never understand why that happens? Why it seems the most innocent are taken out by those who should be filled with guilt.”

“I’m sure they live with guilt afterwards. I’m sure whomever killed Stephen’s wife, feels shame Jackie. If they don’t, they just covered it with anger.” Olivia says with an uncomfortable grin, awaiting a kind of approval or counterargument.

“True. I tend to tell myself emotions are connected to free will. If a person walks around angry, anger from all directions  takes the invite to the anger party. If a person walks around sad, all their friends become a reflection of that sadness in time. The positive ones feel drained. If you’re happy, it seems like no one can mess with you. It still gives an open invitation to the jealous personality; but those types will never just disappear. So the only way to combat them is to just ignore them. That pretty much sums up my thoughts on people.” Jackie explained.

“I have often thought the same Jackie. Never thought someone else would relate truthfully.”

“I do. Maybe a bit more than you realize.”

“Indeed. I don’t know how I would cope with all this without your help. I probably wouldn’t have told my parents. Who knows, maybe they would have thought I was crazy?! Sent me to a psychiatric ward?” Olivia admits.

“We have to help Stephen. Focus less on ourselves. If I could pay his rent, maybe he could afford Christmas presents for his kids. I really think we have a chance to make a difference Olivia.”

“Let’s give him the money we made from the casino. I didn’t feel right walking away with a profit. The man said to make a difference. I haven’t made any difference in anyone’s life thus far. This is the chance he might have been talking about.” Olivia adds.

“Indeed. If we do nothing, we learned nothing from his wisdom.”



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