Miss Magic Part XI

“Stephen works in the morning hours. I know he won’t directly take the money though. He isn’t that kind of person. We’d have to figure out how to pay his rent. Maybe we could just leave an envelope in his mailbox with a letter.” Jackie suggests.

“Good idea. Then he has to accept the money. Or give it away. Either way, we tried and something good will come out of it.”

“Indeed. We’ll be fulfilling what the unknown man at the casino said to do. God, I wish I caught his name. Maybe we could have sent him the money instead. Haha!” Jackie jokes.

“I don’t think he needs it as bad as Stephen. So it worked out.”

“True. He would have wanted it this way.”

They write a letter explaining to Stephen why he was chosen as the first recipient. Assuring him the money has no way of coming back to haunt him if he accepts it. Jackie knows him all too well. An anxiety ridden internal mess waiting to implode from financial ruin. She knows he’s desperate but at the same time, knows he might be such a decent human being he could potentially bring the money to the police.

“We really have to write this letter perfectly Olivia. Or we could be at risk. We don’t want anything traced back to us. The guy at the casino let us go, so it could be his issue as well. It isn’t just about protecting ourselves.”

“I am honestly always worried about anyone finding out about him. If anything were to effect him I’d feel terrible. You definitely have a point.”

They spend the evening polishing the letter. Making sure it sounds reassuring, genuine, and will convince Stephen there are good people in the world left.

“I think it’s perfect Olivia.”

“You helped.”

“Did I? You did most of the work, silly! You have a gift for words, that’s for sure!” Jackie chuckles out.

“Alright let’s read it out loud. That’s the real test. Dear Stephen, we are your secret admirers. Not in a crush way of course but we cannot help but notice no matter what, you always seem to smile through everything. We’ve seen people treat you like dirt at work and admidst it all you still tried to be kind. We’ve heard your children didn’t get much for Christmas last year because of financial issues, despite your hard work. You’re underpaid, underappreciated, and inherently not narcissistic like most of the world. The world chews people like you up, even before breakfast. In your sleep, in the palms of your sweaty hands when you wake, and your fast paced heart throughout the day. We both know you internally struggle. Let us ease that, even if it’s just for a month. We have enclosed enough money to pay your rent. Don’t worry for now. I know that is difficult for you, but just try. Our intentions are well, we just want to ease your struggles. See a smile that is for you, not for anyone else. Sincerely, your admirers.”

“I think it’s just fabulous Olivia! I think he may cry! Let’s drop it off while it is dark. I really don’t want him to see us or he’ll sneak the money back somehow to one of us.”

“Exactly. Let’s go.”











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