Miss Revived Part Two

For years she spent life reaching for a dream. Perhaps, even a stepping stone into another dream. Anything was better than looking forward to what felt like endless days of going through motions. Like a lifeless being eventually she moved, her mind always thinking: there is more to life than this.

And she knew, everyone felt the same but not everyone could always escape. So she judged those on character, not financial success. Judged based upon intellect, not credentials. And she thought oftentimes alone:

Sometimes, the most intelligent run out out money. Sometimes, life doesn’t make sense. Sometimes, we are just stopped dead in our tracks by too many obstacles alone; that survival is the only focus. We look at others as if they are lucky to have more than us so their bodies and minds don’t suffer as much. They walk in the clouds, blissfully ignorant others fought half a battle already just to compete. The thought made her smile, knowing that there would always be these types of people in world. It could be uplifting. It could actually set her apart in the end. Struggle does build character. She thought.

“Suz! What are you so intensely thinking about? This is work! If you can’t focus, let me know!” Her boss exclaims. “It’s rush hour, get it together! Late night? Too bad!”

“Yes, Sir! So sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“You don’t have to call me Sir. Just focus on the now.”

“Will do!” Suz attempted to say with enthusiasm and humility.

She hangs up her coat. Her feet are sore, hands are tired, mind stressed, and she realizes she fought all this way for what? To be yelled at by someone all day?

This isn’t for me. I just can’t keep doing this forever. There is a way out of it. Other people have made it. I will do! I will do something that means more to others! Something! Something is out there for me.  

She decides on a much needed night out. Calls a friend she barely hung out recently with. She understood though. A lot had been going on in Suzy’s life.

“So where we headed first?! Boone’s?” Cheryl asked.

“I suppose. That’s the only place around here I know.” Suzy admits.

“Geez, you haven’t been out for awhile then.”

“Well yeah. Wasn’t on the priority list. Getting my crap together was.”

“Well welcome back to society Suz.” Cheryl said with great sarcasm.

“Thanks.” Suz replied with just as much sarcasm.

“Let’s see what is going on in here.” Cheryl said with curiousity.

After a few drinks, Suz unwound. Everything seemed like a blur of bliss. Lights, music, and smiling faces lot up the dancefloor. Suz felt relaxed, happy, and then she saw him. A face she never wanted to see again.

“He’s… he’s…here. Cheryl, he’s right there. I.. I.. should go.”

“Wait… let’s go outside. Lose him.”

She grabbed her arm and they went upstairs. Down the back stairs to behind the building. Cheryl lit her cigarette.

“You think he’ll leave you alone?” She asked.

“I hope so. God I hope so.”

But just as she was finishing her sentence, a shadow emerged behind her.

“Suz….. he’s right behind you.” Cheryl gasps.

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