Miss Revived Part 3

Suz doesn’t move. Her eyes staring into Cheryl’s as if she is silently trying to communicate how much fear is in them. Cheryl knows this expression all too well. She knows she has to react for her.

“What do you want?” Cheryl asks him. “Look, I don’t know you but my friend here doesn’t seem comfortable. There are other people out there who could like you. If I were you I’d go back inside and move on with your life.”

“Well I don’t know who you are but you should mind your own business?! She’s going with me. We need to talk.” He said with a stern look.

“Suz, you want to speak with him alone?” Cheryl asks.

“No.” Suz replied with her eyes on the pavement.

“There you go. There’s your answer. Life told you to move on. It is actually quite simple. Humans complicate it at times, like now.” Cheryl insists.

“I suggest you say less. Just because your a woman doesn’t mean I won’t slap you.” He said with a grin.

“I dare you. How many convictions do you already have buddy? I can find out for $8.99. And I’m sure we can add another to it and some fines, sitting in court, etc…if you wish. You see in my world the law still exists. In yours, you think you are the law. Get your ego to step down and maybe you can keep a woman around. Or even just people. That’d be a start, right?!”

He takes a swing at her. Not a slap, but a full out swing like Thor would have without his hammer. Admittingly, Cheryl was surprised but never is unprepared. Miraculously because of her sober state verses his drunk state, she was able to dodge his fist like something out of the Matrix. Gasps were heard from all the drunk, uncoordinated, silly minds in the background.

She pulled out her mace from her wrist, rapidly. Aimed it, aligned perfectly with his eyes.

“You coward! You maced me!”

“Sure did. Be happy I’m not the type to kick you when you’re down.” Cheryl said with a sinister grin.

“You better run before I get up!” He exclaimed.

By this time, a group was watching. A man shouted:

“You get up and touch those women I’ll hold you down while they kick you!”

After he somehow gained his sight back, he stood up for a minute analyzing his odds of defeat.

“Fine, you win this time girls!”

“Win what? You won really because I’m not calling the police. Your background check came up. I think you may still be on some kind of probation based upon what I see. I’m sure Suz here could connect the dots for me. I suggest you take this as a second chance we both gave you. She won’t even speak in your presence, which indicates to me you must have forced power over her. Take that elsewhere in a corner with yourself and deal with it. Leave people alone for awhile. Probation would like that too I’m sure. Go watch little house on the prairie or something..”

“Thanks for the so called second chance but I still don’t have to like you.”

“I’m sure you don’t like anyone who questions your ego. Your cab awaits out front. The one I called for you to leave. No wait..it’s invisible. Call it yourself. I’ve done enough  already. Don’t come near my friend or I like that again. Thanks.”

He slowly and agressively made his way to the cab. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thanks Cheryl. I never had someone stand up for me like that.” Suz admits.

“What did they do then?” Cheryl asks.

“Usually nothing.”

“Well that half the problem then. Your friendship standards must be too low. Welcome to having a real friend.” Cheryl says as she chuckles.

“Same to you. I owe you after that brilliant exhibition of realness.”

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