For Those Who Are In An Abusive Situation

I know it can be difficult leaving an abusive situation. Financial, emotional, self esteem issues, can be the perfect cocktail to make you stay. You feel alone, like no one notices what you are going through. You try to hide it but the way you carry yourself, react to others, and your life obligations have become difficult. Know this: you are worth it to be treated like a human being. No one can tell you otherwise.

There are resources in your community to help with leaving. Don’t feel shame if you have to ask a friend, family member, or take help from the taxes we all pay. Don’t feel ashamed to accept help or tell others.

I could have possibly prevented other women from going through what I did if I spoke out. When I didn’t, I’d hear stories about their next victim. I’ve seen the most together, confident people turn into a pile of depression being around a toxic, abusive, person. Sometimes we must admit things become too difficult to face on our own and face the music. Prevent other people from becoming victims.

I truthfully wish I didn’t lose so much financially over abuse in my life. I wish I was rich so I could help people leave helpless situations in general. But all I have left is these words of wisdom. Please know no one deserves to have fear put inside of them, be diminished as a person, controlled, and/or physically harmed. Love yourself first then the rest of the world. Thank you for reading.

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