The Sky

The sky

The earth cracks

But we all stay somehow intact

Floating on the edges of hemispheres

Barely tact

And we all are blessed

But a lot of us don’t need blessings

We need love


Above anything

So let us bring

Our own knowledge

Be conscious

Not asleep

Avoid selfishly fake

Or cannot take

The struggle

Get ready for battle

I have you

I had you

No dues do

I’m glad to


So don’t cry my dear

Or keep it all on the inside

I fear

We are all encompassed in lies

So please don’t hide behind the narrative

You know we cannot keep this..


It’s dead on the inside



It’s hypnotic I see

The bias has all us in a blasphemy

I see the future and let it be

Have high hopes so I can cope

I use it as fuel for a century

Don’t look at me like I’m a threat

You should thank me

I feel your pain from miles

Could never hate you


I’m just trying to keep my mind going

Taking notes in, but you’re approaching

Rather quickly

I’m frozen

But can’t keep scolding

Your sold in

Your own lies.





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