Are All Those Who Are Outgoing Truly Confident?

Short answer: No. Too often I see those who are sometimes the most outgoing being seen as the more confident beings. However, in my mind this could be a front. A fallac social mask put on for show. All the while the introvert stands calmly in a corner, waiting for a meaningful conversation to come along.

I guess what I am getting at here is the introvert is underappreciated. The quiet minds, the ones who don’t need to be the center of attention all the time. I am talking about those who are content with the little things in life. Those who have suffered enough unfulfilling conversations with judgmental people to the point where introspection is better. To the where drowning things out have become a better option, than absorbing when it comes to certain people.

Those who are truly confident don’t need validation from other people. They can stand alone or in a group. They are adaptable. They know when something isn’t good for them, but instead I giving up on people; they have the confidence they could help. And the introverts have introspected enough to have empathetic qualities.

An outgoing, rude type of person, relies on validation from others too much. Leading to a narcissistic type personality where everyone around them becomes a source of energy for their false self esteem. They speak more than listen. Move more than sit still. Project more than introspect.

A lot of these types of people have deep rooted hidden esteem issues and oftentimes seek someone with a more introverted personality as a tool to boost themselves. Why? Once again I believe introverts are more empathetic and less narcissistic. They make wonderful scapegoats simply because their reactions are either minimal or come from empathy. Let us not forget kindness is not weakness. Silence is not always ignorance. And some of the most outgoing people wear masks. So appreciate all kinds of people, not just the loudest.

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