Maggie Estep Inspired Poem- “Confused”

Speak in another language because you can’t say s***

To my face

Give me space

Better yet, send me to space..

Send me on a rocketship

Except not the one Musk creates

It’ll come back to the place…

It started..

I start thinking maybe if I farted

Right by you

You might refuse to be in my presence

Move with uncomfortable hesitance

Then the next time I’d see you

I won’t have to be obliged to

Being content, smelling the crap you left on your shoe

Along with all the makeup you spilled in your oversized purse

While I stare uncomfortably at you

To make you think I’m conjuring a curse

Like you did to me unconsciously

You should walk around with a recorder and a mirror

Cuz you always look like someone farted

But your mouth tries to speak of unicorns and rainbows so I’m confused..

Why have we even started?

Who are you again?

Should I reintroduce myself as a friend?

Naw. The word isn’t part of your vocabulary

But don’t feel bad

I rarely find it in anyone’s dictionary

Let alone a dictionary.



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