Pretty Soon

Pretty soon I’ll go away

Everyone gives up when the rain comes their way

Think life’s about sipping on sours

Can’t find where time went, ahead of tomorrows

Done with trying to take on your sorrow

Place all the blame, but I’m always the same

Never give up, to the point where I’m losing the game

You are the one driving me insane

Partially I am somewhat to blame

But you sit and act like you’re perfect

So worth it

Got me hurting

Under the fires you lit

Go ahead and label me


Had enough of proving myself to people who want to compare me

To others


Step back or I’ll attack

You don’t stand up for me

Just sit back

Let me be a doormat

While my enemies remain intact

No you don’t have my back

You’d rather waste my time

When I don’t have a dime

Don’t know how it feels to be blind

When you look at the sun


Pretty soon I’ll go away

You seem to not see my decay

Can’t talk about it

You’ll lie anyway

Project it on to me in a manipulative way

Done with being second

Everyone else gets to stay

Options awaiting

Wandering eyes always looking for a new Prey

Really attractive, definitely gets in the way

Of me trusting you

So stay away

Keep treating me like I’m not enough

To be your crutch

But I thought this was all about love

But that’s obviously a bit too much

For you to handle

So get ready for battle

I’ll get my saddle

Be on a better path

With or without you

My heart leaving a trail of red from the past

You might see someday


Of all the judgments.




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