Hide Away

Hide away with your gun in hand

While the world outside has no command

We all live in fear

Try to spawn courage from doubt

Never listen to what the other side is talking about

We’re the culture who can’t sit in silence

Where opinions cost lives

And most social media is a succubus

Where we all preach about free speech

But push it aside

Fueled by an echochamber of pride

Everyone is too tired to figure out the lies

But then it becomes a backhanded surprise

When the majority switches sides

With their head the skies

Rationale always denied

Never a leader without misplaced pride

Always pushing humbleness aside

Since our culture created a narrative, most can’t see

The big picture ahead of us isn’t based upon reality

And it will be as bleak as can be

If we don’t get our heads out of their manipulative mastery

Hearts sewn shut

Can’t see the pain in their hypocrisy

When will the centrists become the majority?



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