He Came to Me

He came to me like a parted sea

Saved my soul from a catastrophe

Now I have to be strong

Show him who I can be

As the past tries to reclaim my new territory

And I’m not perfect right now

eyes aren’t open enough to see

But deep inside I know you’re for me

And they can say no knights in armor exist

But I could never forget your kiss

Even before I had to run to exist…

I still ran to you

Could not resist….


He set me on fire

And you put out the flame

But I’m Feeling so guilty

You took on part of my game…

Sorry I was weak in the beginning

A little insane

But you gave me wings

So I’ll do the same..


He came to me like it was all a dream

I couldn’t believe it

Thought the world was bitter and mean

My eyes couldn’t appreciate what it had seen

So shellshocked in delusion

Fear had me doubting constantly

It wasn’t you dear

I felt like why would you save me?

Conditioned to hate myself by someone else

Hearing their voice tell me:

He’s better off without

It was a reflection of my own self doubt you see?

All I ever want is your love

Live happily..








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