Skinny Shaming

They whisper sometimes. Other times it outright rudeness. It seems socially acceptable to pick on, annoy, stare down, or make the skinny girl uncomfortable. She can handle it, right? She has had it so easy her whole life fitting into size zeros. So let’s make her insecure, right?

Eat a cheeseburger. Shhhh she must be anorexic (lol like I can’t hear). What is she a size zero? Real men want curves. She must be on drugs. Does she eat? Must be nice to eat whatever you want. I used to be your size. You’re like a stick figure. Geez your feet are small. Put your hands up to mine. Hahaha! Midget! Gosh you’re small.

Enough already. Stop shaming women who are not curvy. Stop telling us we are unhealthy when our doctor says we’re normal. Skinny shaming is unacceptable. Would it be okay if I walked around telling everyone who is overweight, they have an eating disorder? Because binge eating is an issue for some. Lack of exercise is as well. How many people a year die of heart disease? So it’s okay to shame those who are a normal bmi? I have had co-workers, friends, family, and strangers make me uncomfortable about being small. I’m just expected to take it. I’m just expected to laugh it off, ignore it, join in on making fun of myself, or have empathy for those who are overweight. Oh that’s terrible you can’t lose weight. Oh I’m sorry I don’t have that issue. There are limited reactions I can give. Underneath all the layers of bull crap conversation; there is envy.

If women especially want to act as if they want to empower all women then stop hating on skinny women. Stop excluding them from groups, bullying, and partaking in behavior to make another woman insecure. It’s repulsive, unattractive, envious, rude, and can have damaging effects on who’s being shamed. Skinny people don’t always have it well. They get picked on too. Is it hard for you to see that? Is it that difficult to have empathy for a woman who could relate to being body shamed? The truth is, when each of us looks at another woman; we think of what they have that we do not or we admire what they have that we do not. It is that simple. Why not admire someone else for being different than you? Why not see the beauty in everyone, including yourself? Have respect for all body types is what I often hear, but the attitudes towards skinny people like me says otherwise. It says they have it so good, let’s make them insecure. If you have to play games with another woman’s head to feel like the stronger woman: you are really weak in character.


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