I Tried

I’m done

I tried

Can’t keep it all inside

You betrayed me

To keep your own pride

Flickered the lights

Then told me it was just my eyes

Told lies

That magnified

Inside my brain

Then if I complained

I was insane

You threatened to refrain

From love

How could you play this game?

Tell me you love me the same

You changed

I’m the same

Gave everything I claimed

I could

While it was never enough

To keep your clutch

on my heart

I’m torn alart

You chose to gaslight me

Rather than tell the truth from the start…



I’ll take no blame

I loved you the same

I always loved you the same…

Before and after anyone came

Maybe I’m a fool for thinking you could do the same

Thinking you could do the same…

Just another disposable lover

Another disposable lover to you


Keep playing your mind games

You’re proving your one in the same

Like all the gaslighters

Manipulative cowards

You put all around me

Then hoped I’d be too blind to see

Draining all my energy

For the sake of lying about the past

so cowardly

I don’t lie to your face

You don’t deserve me

And my affection

Until you change your energy

I was never the jealous girl

You made me out to be

Broke my heart

Watched me fall apart

Over lies you said from the start…

Don’t want to talk

cuz the gaslighting has stopped

I’m sorry I’m done trying to pick the lock…

To your heart.









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