Can’t even cry

Without someone always passing by

Ready to laugh as I sigh

Getting off on my empathy

No room for sympathy

So instead gaslight me

Gaslight me

I’m not playing these games

It’s always the same

You’ll never listen until I’m blue

I’m not going to do you

Any favors anymore

Just a chore…

To you

Just a bore..

To you…


I don’t care how you see me

All I’ve tried to do is get you to love me

Now I have nothing left of myself

Go ahead, be happy,

I’ll never be enough…

No one will ever be enough

So out of touch with yourself

Can’t love anyone else…


Can’t even speak

Been like this before

buried in concrete


While everyone else smiles and talks

I lie imprisioned in all the times you tried

To push all the blame to my side

Then wonder why I have no pride

Guess you won,

I’ll be pushed aside

Forgotten about

Left in your fabricated demise…

Can’t believe I let you tell me it’s my fault

But I’m not surprised…

I always blame myself when people lie.








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