Thoughts On that Poppy/Titanic Sinclair Lawsuit

That poppy emerged as one of the strangest personas on youtube. She introduced herself as that poppy, repeating her name for at at least ten minutes. I personally could not get through the entire video, because it seems to intentionally make you feel as if you are wasting your time. As a viewer, you have the feeling nothing will happen. It is entertainingly creepy.

It is a mystery to figure out, and a read between the lines message is in almost every single video created. In the beginning videos, it seems Poppy is very lively, questioning nothing and going along with what seems to be a path to bliss. But as the videos progress, she seems to mature a bit more, pointing out issues within society, and desiring more of a challenge than this ‘look pretty’ persona. This desire to be more than a fabricated persona, is compromising the happiness she once had in the beginning.  Poppy has been compromising her own potential, happiness, and goals for the sake of ‘them.’ They/them she references to are the constructs around her. I imagine Poppy as a giant figure with great potential, and those currently around her are trying to shape her or control her. They are building around her, encasing her talent, putting up perimeters and boundaries not to cross.

Titanic Sinclair is behind the vision of that poppy. This is an interesting narrative poppy creates, now more than ever before. Especially since Brittany Sheets, Sinclair’s ex girlfriend, has filed a case against him. The allegations say he broke into her apartment twice, punched her in the face, mimicked her style through Poppy, and referenced things that knowingly would distress Ms. Sheets. Poppy and Sinclair even attended the same college after Sheets started attending. There are more allegations besides this. It paints a story I think we were not supposed to know. In my opinion, Sheets has been struggling to have a voice and finally is speaking up about his behavior.

The channel on Youtube only has three videos left. Sheets was asked by Sinclair to delete past projects in a nervous fashion. She changed the password to the channel in order to protect the work. I believe Sinclair wanted to take her ideas for his own profit. He was financially dependent upon Sheets, also threatened suicide after the breakup. It seems tk me he was severely codependent, and needed a way to continue building on her ideas for money. You can still find the computer show on YouTube though. Despite Sinclairs effort to cover up past projects with Sheets, fans have been able to access these videos. The similarities between the computer show and poppy are interesting. Poppy definitely has a more symbolic, dry, approach while Argo has energy and sarcasm. But to me, they both have a similar tone of voice. Except Sheets has a naturally high voice, and it seems poppy had hers altered by software. Poppy is disingenuine on purpose I believe. She is supposed to appear as not in control, being controlled by a label. But I think it is quite the opposite. If Ms. Sheets allegations are true, his motivation was to control her creativity. Create a shackling-like situation out of causing her distress. Unlike some people, I believe that poppy (Moriah) knew the intentions of Sinclair. She holds up a T-shirt in one of her videos then says: “Now, what did you want me to say?” She cannot simply improvise in the moment as an artist. To me this is sort of mocking Ms. Sheets inabiliy to come out of hiding from Sinclair and create. Poppy also retweets things with 3:36 in them. It references a video Ms. Sheets put up titled “everyone wants it all” which is 3 minutes 36 seconds long. The video could be misconstrued to even fit Sinclair’s narrative. Fans thought the video was symbolic of the death also Mars Argo and a new project on the way. It makes it seem as if Sheets was accepting of going out of the spotlight. However, I believe this is not the case at all. I think Sheets was simply saying after dealing with his infidelity, he wants it all. As in desires too much: too much money, fame, recognition, and too many women.  Poppy (Moriah) cannot be so unaware she doesn’t know of this video or what the message truthfully was. Especially knowing their past. If Mars Argo fans were able to see similarities, how did she not? Poppy also attended the same college with Sinclair, after Ms. Sheets started attending. She went along with him. Poppy wore similar fashion as Sheets as well. Yes they could just have similar taste, but the repetition of specific angles, clothing, makeup, and hair, makes it seem intentional. The vision is derived from whatever Ms. Sheets puts out there in my opinion. This would honestly creep any normal human out. Sheets claims to have suffered PTSD from Sinclair and Poppy’s behavior. To me, it was stalking. Period. Stalking that started at her home then went on to the internet. I wish she would have called the police on him years ago, but I understand how intimidated she was. I understand she was afraid of retaliation.

Now that Brittany Sheets has spoken out, I think the truth is coming to light. I think she was actually the mastermind behind all this influencially. Sinclairs obsession with not having her after his infidelity, left him with no power over her initially. His behavior has been an attempt to intimidate, stalk, and mimic her into a state of distress. Her personality shined next to his. She had energy, sarcasm, hilarity, critiques of society, and a cute demeanor. It’s no wonder fans of Mars Argo showed up to poppy concerts, asking where Sheets disappeared to. I would want the person with real vision back as well. Out of him own selfish inability to move on, Titanic Sinclair has now secured his downfall in my opinion. Anyone who actually takes the time to read the allegations against him, would most likely be disturbed. Ms. Sheets should have been able to move on with her life without him. But it seems if he couldn’t create with her, he wanted to make it so no one else could. I hope Brittany is able to come back with fury, because she deserves the spotlight. And I hope despite what has been done to her, she can create again.


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