Some Chicks

Some chicks don’t know how to act

Apparently they also didn’t do their math

Cuz two makes a couple and three makes drama

So get back to cheating on your boyfriend

Hope to never see ya, manana

I’ll flip the script straight

Unlike your mama

Girls like you play victim

When you weren’t really chilling with your hermana


You must have been raised around some manipulative sh**

Can’t even look at yourself and admit

You’re slowly turning into a pile of shhhh..

Be quiet

You’re not ready for my strategies

not going to listen to all of your blasphemies

my mic dropped on purpose

Cuz all your bs isn’t worth this

Much easier to dismiss

Wait for you to show your fists

Hiding behind all that superficial bliss

Only a matter of time before the serpent spits..

Only a matter of time before I have to stand up to you, Miss



I see you looking at me,

Quite frankly like you’d rather be me

But close your eyes, move on,

Enjoy your own company

You may fool everyone else around me

But I know your type

inside you’re ugly…

Looking for a nice girl to push around?

I see.


Some chicks don’t know how to be friends

Smile in your face, but don’t clap when you win

Can’t be happy for you, have to find a way for it to end

So you can go out, play dress up and pretend

Always giving you bad advice on purpose

throw in the rumors to make ya extra nervous

Everyone looking at you like you’re crazy, not worth it

While theyre the ones trying to ruin what doesn’t fit..

An agenda

Either for the heck of it, or to push me aside

Either way, I think you have some misplaced pride

Only players deal with those who lie

You get what you give, don’t question why

Don’t ever undermine me

Your friends aren’t on your side

So be careful where your secrets reside

You choose me as an enemy, never as an allie

Maybe you should have been honest

Then I would have tried..

Don’t ever question my character

the truth I don’t hide.


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