Miss Magic XIV (14)

They return back to Olivia’s place. It still smells of bacon and eggs somehow, due to a lack of ventilation.  Jackie, of course, offered to buy her some air purifiers, but Olivia declined. She also knows it’s more about Jackie sometimes than it is about her. Olivia knows she does not mean to make her feel as if she lives in squalor, but it doesn’t make her feel all warm inside. Their worlds collide at times, but somehow end up in orbit together.

“Uhhhh so Olivia…Do you think you could guess lottery numbers? Do you think you   could brush your hand against a ticket, and write down the numbers in your head? I mean this power you have, cannot just be limited to cards?” Jackie asks, with a grin.

“True. That seems logical to me. I’d hate to draw too much attention to myself,   winning the powerball though Jackie? Remember? We discussed laying low. That would be the total opposite. When you win the powerball, everyone wants something from you as well. Your life changes. Haven’t you watched any of those shows about it?”

“Can’t say I have. You could anonymously accept it, right? I mean just one time could make all the difference. If I were you, I’d wait until it’s a ton of money, buy a ticket, and accept the attention that comes with it.” Jackie suggests.

“I’m just not that kind of person, Jackie. I like being private and unknown.”

“Maybe that’s the issue with you. I’m not trying to sound rude, but how much time have you spent being alone? How many times have people overlooked you, when you’re actually quite an interesting person. Olivia, you build walls because you’re afraid. You’re afraid of people. I understand though.” Jackie says with genuine empathy.

“It’s just… that I’ve been through a lot. Everytime I put myself out there, people take advantage. And I have so little to begin with, it’s quite the blow. I don’t know who to trust, and who to not.” Olivia admits. “My perception of others is off. It’s like I can’t see anyone for who they truly are.”

“Maybe that’s because they’re just as afraid as you, and wear masks? You’re afraid, yes, but you still live life as yourself. That takes courage. Olivia, you’re different than most. You deep down inside, know this, yet expect most people to understand? They won’t. You face yourself when you’re wrong, when most avoid it. Being recognized could open doors for you, because of who you are.” Jackie says, tearing up a bit.

“It’s a scary thought, indeed. Let alone to live. People will bother me for money, and not care about me at all. I know I will get hurt.” Olivia exclaims.

“There is no way to avoid pain, Olivia. No way. You can hide out, you can tell yourself it is not raining, and that no one will ever hurt you again. But it’s all a lie. You have two choices: live in a dream or face reality. Face the world with all you can.”

“You’re the best friend I could ever ask for.” Jackie says.

“Thanks Olivia.”

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