PicsArt_05-27-12.26.44So many sleepless nights

Causing an aftermath

So many moments passed

Trying to save myself in the past

So many people telling me how to feel

So many people telling me the pain wasn’t real

So I dug really deep into my mind

Drove myself crazy

But I see now, they were blind

Now it feels good, I can live with some pride.


Four more days until I can start weight bearing on my foot. I spent years of my life, trying to figure out why my feet hurt so much. At some point, I thought  it was in my head. Or maybe I tried to convince myself it was. Turns out, I had a rare bone condition that could be fixed. All I can say, is when you find the right doctor, stick with them. It is so difficult to find someone who is observant, empathetic, listens, and have up to date knowledge. Listen to your body and if something is wrong, be persistent in figuring out why. You had one body, don’t give up when it feels like no one will listen. The right doctor will eventually come around and change your hopelessness into hopefulness. Thanks for reading.



One thought on “Recovery

  1. I have more times your words read, I very much regret and offer my support know if you want to!–Medical progress if they know what else is our body a very, very complex, they need not fear for the healing only patience. Cause-related research the rest of it is easy.
    even prior to par years accident I had ice and slowly I could more all year long about Yes previously run now better not properly.

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