Mr. Image to Maintain

It’s no surprise you were full of lies

Now everyone is talking,

Like I created my own demise

I know the truth

My tears come from being wise

It was a long time coming

When your double standards arised,

Don’t talk to him, “this is mine”

Then act like you don’t know me

When a random chick is at your side

Buddy, how old are you?

Full of hatred, all disguised

Have to keep up your image

Can’t put that ego aside?

I stood my ground

While you antagonized

Months in the making,

Diminishing my pride

Then trying to make up for it

Buying presents just to hide

The fact you really hate yourself

Go ahead drink apart your insides

head is clear now that I went away

Heart is cold towards you now

But everyone else can stay

Until they give me a reason

To become a castaway

I’d prefer it if you made yourself an island

So you can just go away

Left me physically broken and mentally scarred

I hope the next girl you meet and repeat with

Puts you behind bars.







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